Volunteers: Vital to the Jewel Box Theatre

Jewel Box Theatre Board of Directors

Cindy Garfein, President
Jerry Deeter, Vice President
Jim Sund, Secretary
Paula Gritzmacher, Treasurer
Kate Nunes, Volunteer Coordinator

Dianne Hieatt
Alice Ingle
Russ Shiplet
Pat VanDiest

Artistic Director: Sharon Greany
Assistant Artistic Director: Kathy Curry
Founding Directors: David Speck, Sondra Ashton & Al Gunby

Dear Future Volunteer,

Did you know that the Jewel Box Theatre is an entirely volunteer run organization? What that means for you is that the opportunities are endless! Not sure if you’re ready to star on stage? Give Stage Crew a shot! Great organizer? Production or Stage Management might be for you! Love working with the public? You’re perfect for Front of House! The truth is, no matter what your previous experience may be, the Jewel Box Theatre can use your help.

We hope you decide to set aside some of your valuable time to volunteer at the Jewel Box Theatre and help advance the arts in our community!

jbtvolunteers@gmail.com                                                      Volunteer Opportunties

Volunteer Opportunities at the Jewel Box Theatre


ACTOR – We do 6 main-stage shows per year, plus other entertainment! We are always looking for actors of all ages. No experience necessary!

MUSICIAN – Our musicals are very popular! They simply could not happen without talented volunteer musicians.

PRODUCTION MANAGER – Love to be in charge? Have a good head for details and scheduling? This is the job for you! The PM works closely with the Director to evaluate set and light design and costume needs, and oversees planning and coordination of all that goes into putting on a show!

STAGE MANAGER – Assists Director and Actors during rehearsals and performances. Oversees, and is responsible for, organizing props and orchestrating all backstage activities. Great job for the organized and detail oriented.

STAGE CREW/BOOTH – Want to work on a show, but not onstage? This is the perfect job for you! Make set changes, help with necessary costume changes, and exercise control of entire backstage area under the Stage Manager’s direction and supervision, or work in the booth running lights and/or sound.

COSTUMER – Works closely with the Director to design the costumes for a production. Then, alters and/or bargain shops for costumes.

LIGHTING – Works with the Director to design the lighting for a show; requires experience.

SOUND – Works with the Director to determine what sound is needed for the show. Then finds or records any sound effects needed for any given production.

SET DESIGN – Works with Director to decide on major and minor components of a set for any given production (e.g., walls, doors, trees, furniture, dishes, food, books, camp gear, bedding, etc.), and their arrangement on stage.

CONSTRUCTION – Can you swing a hammer or a paint brush?! Then you can help build sets!

PROP SEARCH – Under the Production Manager’s direction, attains props for a given production at bargain prices, or as loans or donations.

LINE COACH – Meets with an Actor outside of rehearsals to help him/her practice lines.

FRONT of HOUSE (great for those with customer service experience!):
Ticket Taker: Works at the box office for any given performance
Greeter/Assistant: Welcomes patrons to the theatre and helps individuals with limited mobility into the theatre. Prepares refreshments
for intermission and collects entry passes at the door to the theatre.

HOUSE MANAGER – Supervises FOH staff at a performance and ensures that patrons are well taken care of. Arrives early to set up FOH materials for the evening. Very detailed but rewarding position. Customer service skills highly valued.


PHONE BANK – One day per week follow up on all phone reservations. Much of this can be done from home!

RECYCLE – Just as it sounds! Help haul our recyclables to the appropriate place.

LIBRARIAN – Help immortalize the Jewel Box by creating scrapbooks of our main stage plays, and other events, using copies of all publicity items.

CLERICAL – Perform various office tasks requiring computer skills, especially in ‘Word’, ‘Excel’ and ’Outlook’. Run copies on copier.

POSTERS – Help publicize a production by distributing posters to local businesses.

BANNER – Ensure that our banner out front gets cleaned, reprinted, and re-hung for each show.

PUBLICITY – Work alongside others in several areas of publicity regarding the theatre and its events. Tasks include composing and editing, proofreading, media contact work, layout and graphic art work.

FUND-RAISING – Work as part of a Fund-Raising team to help brainstorm and implement various fund-raising campaigns. Could be anything from grant writing, to obtaining sponsorships, to cultivating partnerships within the community.