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Royal Gambit

Written by: Hermann Gressieker & George White
Directed by: Kathy Currie



Guided by era-changing costumes and evolving feminine wiles, two-step through time with King Henry VIII and his Queens:  Katarina of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anna of Cleves, Kathryn Howard, and Kathryn Parr.

This drama of their lives, loves, wiles and woes has been on Kathy Currie’s bucket list to direct since playing Anna of Cleves at the UW in 1970. Henry VIII and the stories of his wives have captivated us for centuries.  Royal Gambit brings their familiar story to life in a clever way.  Our audiences will thoroughly enjoy this unique production.

Cast Members:

Todd Parkington: Henry VIII

Kim Hart: Katarine of Aragon 

Josie Twigt: Anne Boleyn

Rilla Hughes: Jane Seymour

Arianna Wells: Katherine Howard

Gwen Adams: Anna of Cleves

Paula Knight: Katherine Parr

Crew Members:

Sheila Romoff: Producer

Patty Olson: Stage Manager

Mike Currie: Lights & Sound

Vicki Dorsey: Set Murals

Josi Twigt: Costumes

Audience suggestion: All ages except small children

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