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"Witness For the Prosecution" Auditions

I will be setting auditions for JewelBox's "Witness for the Prosecution" by Agatha Christie in the near future. If you are interested, while I think the 1958 movie with Marlene Deitrich is good, I much prefer the 1982 version with Diana Rigg. Beau Bridges's portrayal of Leonard Vole is spot on. You should view this before auditioning, if possible. (try Our production will go up in June with rehearsals starting in April. I've cut down the cast to the essentials:

Greta: office secretary. Any age. Likes to dance, can be kind of “silly” or flighty.

Carter: senior clerk. Preferably older male. Think John Gielgud in “Arthur”. Precise, ordered.

John Mayhew: solicitor for defendant Vole. Middle-aged, shrewd.

Leonard Vole: likeable, 20’s. (script says around 27)

Sir Wilfrid Robarts: middle-aged, engaging, incisive.

Detective Inspector Hearne: “tall, good-looking”. 30’s and up.

Plain clothes detective: 20’s and up. NONSPEAKING role. Doubles as court Warder (has a line or two)

Romaine Vole: German/Slavic accent. Quiet, cool, “impudent”. Surprisingly cool and detached. Mid 30’s, doubles as “woman” with cockney accent.

Justice Wainright: 40’s and up.

Usher (administers oath), doubles as clerk

Myers, QC (Queen’s Counsel): middle-aged, sharp.

Dr. Wyatt: any age 30’s up. Could be male or female. Did exam of body.

Janet MacKenzie: Scotswoman (if possible). “dour-looking”, grim. Judgmental.

Thomas Clegg: 30’s and up. Forensic examiner at New Scotland Yard.

Girl: young, “strawberry blond”, pretty, assertive. Will be placed somewhere in the audience, possibly, has lines only at the end.

If you are not interested in a speaking role but want to help, I could use a few (2-4) to dress as cops/court personnel. They would be responsible for moving the set around between scenes.

Leonard, Robarts, Myers and Romaine are lead roles.

If you are interested, please I/M with resume'. I'll be advising as to auditions once set.

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