Drop Dead! Auditions
Date to be announced soon.
Performance dates: TBD

Theater Group
Drama Performance

Drop Dead!

Written by

Billy van Zandt & Jane Milmore

Published by Samuel French Inc

Directed by Linda Jensen

7 Male 3 Female

A cast of has-been actors hope to revive their careers in Drop Dead!, a pot-boiler murder mystery directed by "Wonder Child of the Broadway Stage" Victor Le Pewe - a psychotic eye twitching megalomaniac

At the dress rehearsal the set falls and props break

And the producer and an actor are murdered

Worse, during the opening night performance, the murders continue!

Can the remaining thespians save the show, save their careers and solve the mystery?

And stay alive for curtain calls?


VICTOR LE PEWE - the director (age 40-70)

SOL WEISENHEIMER - the producer (age 30-70)

PHILLIP - the stage manager (age 30-45)

ALABAMA MILLER - the playwright (age 30-60)(any gender)

MONA MONET - the TV star (age 45-50)

BRENT REYNOLDS - the method actor (age 25-35)

CHAZ LOONEY - the apprentice (age 18-25)

CANDY APPLES - the ex-porno-start (age 30ish)

CONSTANCE CRAWFORD - old stage star (age 80ish)

DICK SHALIT - Gene Shalit's brother (age 45-55)


So think about auditioning.....You will have FUN!!!!!

Questions??? Email Linda at jensenjw@wavecable.com