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"Keep the Lights On" Campaign

We are all looking forward to our first post-Covid production.


While we wait, we must keep the theater alive with a facility, electricity, phone and internet and other obligations.  Your gift in whatever amount you choose helps us assure that our live theater will continue to be a vibrant part of our community.


If you wish to designate a gift for a specific purpose, here are some of our needs:


Storage Units: $230/month

Copier Lease: $131/month

Rent: $1,491/month (reduced by 40% since Covid 19)

Electricity and Gas: $138/month Phone and Broadband: $225/month

Constant Contact Database for Emails: $104/month

Insurance: $330/month

Loan Repayment $1000/month

Covid supplies when we re-open: Approximately $300 to start

Total expenses $3,649/month


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Thank you for supporting the Jewel Box – we look forward to welcoming you back soon!