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Miss Bennet: Christmas At Pemberly

written by: Lauren Gunderson & Margot Melcon

directed by: Kristi Ann Jacobson

The Cast

Ashley Corbaley: Lydia Wickam

Jillian Maynard:  Anne DeBourgh

Josi Twigt:  Elizabeth Darcy

Rachel Millett:  Mary Bennet

Nathan O'Guin:  Fitzwilliam Darcy

Garrett Walker:  Charles Bingley

Casey Cline:  Arthur DeBourgh

Ronni Wolfe:  Jane Bingley

A sequel to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice set two years after the novel ends, MISS BENNET continues the story, only this time with bookish middle-sister Mary as its unlikely heroine. Mary is growing tired of her role as dutiful middle sister in the face of her siblings’ romantic escapades. When the family gathers for Christmas at Pemberley, an unexpected guest sparks Mary’s hopes for independence, an intellectual match, and possibly even love.

“…a perfectly constructed love story…Given its fizzy comedy, sweet spirit and clean structure, [MISS BENNET] seems destined to populate future holiday seasons…” —San Francisco Chronicle.

“…an unstuffy, highly entertaining and warm-spirited work, the kind of thing multiple generations can enjoy together.” —Chicago Tribune.

November 18 - December 4, 2022

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