New: On Stage Pass

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We are introducing a new season pass for this year: the On Stage Pass.
It provides greater flexibility than our previous season pass - you receive six admissions to shows, but you now have the flexibility to use them for the plays as you choose.
You may use one admission for each of the six shows, or you can use multiple admissions for multiple people at the same show, or for different performances of the same show, up to 6 total.
The any-time, any-show On Stage Pass costs $100 ($88 for seniors). This is a great discount from the per-show cost of $20 per show and it is the only way that one can obtain a senior discount.

The passes are good for the entire 2022-2023 season for On Stage productions ONLY.
The Spotlight Series, which consists of a variety of events (literary events, music, and improvisation) has its own ticketing.

To use your On Stage Pass for a particular performance, please call the theater at
(360) 697-3183 and make a reservation.  
We do not offer refunds for On Stage Passes, and the On Stage Pass must be brought with you to the theatre to be punched for each use.
On Stage Passes are sold through October 2, 2022 only.  

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On Stage Passes

Please allow at least two weeks to receive your pass in the mail.