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PRODUCTION CLASS               

12 classes total

July 17 - August 12    M/W/F            2.5hrs                      $150

Participants will be introduced to many different aspects of production - Marketing, budgeting, set design, sound, props, costumes, lighting, stage management, script writing, acting, etc. Guest artists from the Kitsap theater community will come in and share their expertise in various areas. Students will create, produce, and perform a fully realized staged performance on Saturday, August 12th.

Focus will be on collaboration.  Participants will create and develop their own Production Team and have hands-on learning in the many different roles that go into a single theater project.

















August 1 - August 12        T/TH                3hrs                    $100

Students will learn specific techniques that are typically requested of scenic painters for staged productions.  Workshop sessions will focus on how to execute various approaches to base coating, faux brick and wood grain on a large scale. All supplies will be provided.  Final project will be mini murals that incorporate all techniques learned and will be presented on ‘Gallery Night’ in the lobby Saturday, August 12th.

Each participant who completes the course will be invited to assist with scene painting for the first main stage show at the Jewel Box and credited accordingly in the program!

Josi Twigt will be leading these camps with the help of some guest artists.

Must be 15 - 18 to participate in these Summer Programs 

Spaces are limited. Register early!

Need more information? just send us an email and we will be happy to answer any questions. 

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