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2024-2025  Main Stage Season

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 Ever want to commit a murder? Walter, the playwright's alter ego in this madcap mystery, demonstrates just how to do someone in — in your imagination, of course! Bring your best detective skills. The audience will help the detective solve the crime!

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Take a sentimental journey back to the Golden Age of Radio for the holidays! This one is sure to please the whole family.  Things maybe going wrong during the on-air performance of “A Christmas Carol”, but everything is going just right with the added holiday music.

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This is a hilarious story of five women who inherit equal shares in a dilapidated theatre and plan to bring it back to life again. They try various fund-raising schemes, but their plans go awry and it's a race to keep their audience from guessing the truth of the matter. A fast-paced and very funny comedy 


Novelist Franklin Woolsey dies mid-sentence, but his secretary Myra continues to take dictation.  Myra sets out to prove she is more than just an artful forger. Is she trying to steal Woolsey's legacy now that she cannot have his love, or might she truly possess a gift the world can't understand?


Also known as A Trivial Comedy for Serious People.  This is Wilde’s most popular and enduring play.  Witty dialog and hilarious satire keep this satire fresh and relevant.


Funny and moving, wonderful and weird describes this show.  We meet neighbors, The Joneses and the Joneses. As they get to know each other we learn they have even more in common than their names and Identical houses. All the Jonese must decide between their idyllic fantasies and imperfect realities.

2024-2025  JBT Spotlight Series

Music Series

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Comedy Series
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