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Funds for Artistic Excellence Program

Community theatres exist and operate thanks to dedicated volunteers who love the theatre and commit their time and talent. Often when an event such as a workshop or conference comes up, theatre folks attend at their own expense. The Jewel Box Theatre can now help offset some of that expense.

The Jewel Box Theatre board of directors has implemented a Fund for Artistic Excellence program for the purpose of providing funding for theatre-related workshops, seminars, conferences, and other training-related events. The board will allocate funds for this program in the annual budget.

Requests for an Artistic Excellence grant are submitted to the Artistic Director. The Artistic Director will then petition the board with recommendations at the next scheduled board of directors meeting for final approval. Approved requests are forwarded to the treasurer to pay the appropriate registrations and fees.

Those who are interested in applying should complete the form and send it to the theater in care of Michelle Peterson, Artistic Director.

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