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The JBT Spotlight Series
Ticket Policy

Tickets for JBT Spotlight Series events may be slightly different than our On Stage Productions. Ticket prices for each event may vary depending on the nature of the presentation. The JBT OnStage pass is not valid for these performances.
All tickets will be available for purchase through our website either through our ticketing agent, or through a link to another site. Tickets MAY be available at the door.  However, given the exclusive, one-time nature of these events and our limited seating there is no guarantee of available seating. We highly recommend buying your tickets in advance and early.

Our Literary Series Events are produced in partnership with Liberty Bay Books and they set the price and sell the tickets. The JBT provides a link on our website. 

Imagine Improv Show tickets will be $15.

The Music Series Events tickets will vary depending on the event. 

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