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JBT Spotlight Series - Music
Pino Noir

Pino Noir Quartet  
One night only
Thursday, September 21st at 7:30pm

"Pino Noir is a red-hot electric gypsy jazz quartet, led by Los Angeles born guitarist Luca Pino. This fiery quartet brings unique and inspired arrangements of music by Django Reinhardt, with unbridled sound and style. These young musicians expertly brew a cutting combination of bebop and swing, all the while maintaining an authentic identity in the gypsy jazz style of the 30's and 40's"

Pino Noir Quartet

Luca Pino - Guitar

Eric Vanderbilt-Mathews - Clarinet

Sam Rocha - Upright Bass

Gareth Price - Drums

What did the audience say?

"Wow! Great Show!"   "Excellent musicianship" 

"Didn't want to miss a note"  

"Bring them back next year!"  "So much fun!" 

Pino Noir_edited.jpg
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