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Savannah Sipping Society

Written by: Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope,
Jamie Wooten
Directed by: Michelle Peterson

Cast & Crew

Randa:        Ronni Wolfe
Marlafaye:  Neicie Packer
Dot:               Ann Sveen
Jinx:              Renee Murphy

Assistant Director: Paul Goetsch
Stage Manager: Amy McKay
Producer: Sheila Romoff
Lights & Sound: David Ward
Set: Bill Klorig
Costumes: Deb Beddoe
Stage Crew: Kylie Gilliland, Jennie Babcock,

& Ariel Garrett, Autumn McMurray

What people said about "Savannah Sipping Society"

"Loved it! I am bringing my mom next week!"        "Never laughed so much"         "Cast was amazing!"

" The Jewel Box Theatre is opening its season with a tale of determination and hope, a humorous tale of four ladies and their aim to overcome individual hardships that have befallen them, realizing that there is power in togetherness, in facing them together. Savannah Sipping Society presents an alternative viewpoint to the prevalent hopelessness many find in the world today, and it’s a viewpoint that is refreshing to experience, especially when it is presented as well as it is in this production."

"funny, engaging and very well-acted."   "Set is gorgeous"---Greg Heilman, Stage Review, Heilman &


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